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About Bancroft Elementary

Welcome to the Bancroft Gallery of Learning, Friendships and Achievements

If education were an art gallery, Bancroft Elementary School would surely be displayed in a masterpiece collection. Viewing the Bancroft canvas would be a fascinating and complex experience of seeing both the visible canvas and the yet invisible system that created this work of art. The vivid colors reflect a diverse student population, each member alive with his or her own personal hue, only possible because the artists (parents, teachers, support systems, and community) would settle for nothing short of each student’s personal best combination of red ( Rigorous Standards), blue (Curriculum, Instruction and Parent and Community Involvement) and yellow ( Assessment and Accountably) . Inherent in the display are the layers of technique (Leadership and Collaboration), training (Professional Development and Parent Education), contrast (Diversity), blended textures and use of interesting shapes (Family and Student Supports), and balance ( Safe and Positive School Environment and Culture). Our school vision is the sturdy yet flexible frame proudly displaying our masterpiece, supporting programs, and allowing for continued and future improvements and updates focused on achievement for all students.

Welcome to the Bancroft Gallery of
Learning, Friendships and Achievements

Where each day…

We take hands

Open minds

Touch hearts

And shape the future.

Welcome to Bancroft School Community

The following is a flavor of what children, families and staff experience as a member of our school community.

Bancroft has established first and foremost an atmosphere of inclusiveness and belonging. Picture this: It is the first day of school. Every teacher is in his or her classroom, doors opened, and ready to meet and greet families and children. The principal is in the main courtyard, shaking hands, making introductions, and helping students and families locate new classrooms. At the school office front counter, staff helps and supports parents with questions. Everything sparkles from the efforts of our site custodians and district landscapers. In every school location, the Bancroft School Climate Statement is displayed:

Bancroft promotes a positive school climate by focusing on the Bancroft Best 3 B’s:

Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible.

At the front entrance, beyond the bus circle and school marquee, parent volunteers arrange tables of muffins and coffee to welcome new and returning parents. The first bell of the year rings for students to join their teachers. The year has begun and each day will bring the chance to strengthen relationships and our learning community. Teachers, with confidence and renewed passion, begin the implementation of the best research-based practices, design collaborative lessons around The Common Core State Standards, delve into diagnostic assessments to plan instruction, and set sail for a year of growth for all students towards grade-level mastery with needed supports, monitoring,  differentiation, and adjustments. Central to our school vision and is our successful Collaborative Care Team and Learning Center Model, created to include any identified student, using data driven decisions, to implement effective and sustainable instructional and intervention strategies.

The Bancroft learning community is nestled in a middle class, residential neighborhood at the end of a cul-de-sac with Mount Diablo, just a few miles away, watching proudly over us. Built in 1968, the school consists of four original, air-conditioned, hexagonal buildings, called pods, that house classrooms, the Learning Centers, the Speech Therapy Room, Library/Media Center, Technology and Science Labs, an Art room, and the administrative offices, and the staff room. Two newer classrooms built in 2000, along with three more new classrooms added in 2006, a concrete plaza, outdoor tables, landscaping, and the student-created Bobcat Mascot mural completed in December 2006, are home to the Vocal Music program, our 4th and 5th grade classes, and "The Bobcat Plaza." The Multi-Use Room (MUR), built in 1992, is the location of student assemblies, instrumental and choral performances, annual school musicals, after-school programs, community meetings, socials, and student lunches. In spring 2005, the students participated in a visual arts beautification mural on the outside wall of the MUR. New play structures and play surfaces were installed in 2004 on the main and Kindergarten yards.

As the final school bell rings at the end of each day, children, parents, and staff exchange smiles and thank one another for a successful day of learning and friendships, while reflection, evaluation, and plans begin for the new possibilities promised for tomorrow.