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To Report an Absence Call  Office Phone: (925) 933-3405


Consistent attendance is paramount to the annual success of our students.  This includes an on time arrival in order to begin instruction by 8:00 a.m.  Sick children should be at home. If your child is has vomited or has a fever, they should not come to school. A student must be fever free without fever reducing medications for 24 hours before returning to school.

Please contact the school office- (925) 933-3405 to report an absence by 8:30 a.m.


Students not feeling well at school are referred to the school health room to rest and be provided care and support. If a student has a more serious injury, has a fever, or too ill to remain at school, parent or emergency contact will be notified in order to pick up the student. First aid is provided for minor injuries such as a cut, scrape or bump.

If a student is out for more than one day because of illness, parents may request classwork missed.  Contact the classroom teacher to request work. The missed work will be ready for pick up in the school office before school on the day after the parent has made the request.


Students who need to leave early for appointments, illness or injury will need to be signed out. Students will be released only to parents or emergency contacts. ID will be required.


Parents are notified by letter when student absences and /or tardies begin to accumulate and could indicate a potential problem.

Students who may be dealing with critical health issues and unable to attend school that requires an absence for three or more weeks, can apply for HOME and HOSPITAL Instruction. Five hours of weekly individualized instruction is provided. Home and Hospital forms are in the school office and require the student’s physician to provide proof of this need.

If necessary,


Independent Study Contracts are available upon request. Parent may be asked to meet with the principal and /or classroom teacher to discuss this need. The request for Independent Study is necessary at least three weeks prior to the absence and can only be provided if a student will be away for five or more consecutive days.

It is strongly recommended that a student not be removed from instruction for family trips/vacations.  Instruction missed is very difficult to duplicate even through an Independent Study Contract. 

Bancroft School teachers and staff strive to support families in making attendance a good habit. Students with less than one absence or tardy per trimester earn a Perfect Attendance Recognition and Awards each trimester.

Absences due to religious reasons are excused and are not counted towards the recognition.

For any medical appointment that students attend during school hours, parents should supply a note from the doctor or dentist  by requesting this at the time of the visit. The note will as part of the excused absence, late arrival or early release records.