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The emphasis of this program is to assist students in becoming English proficient. Instruction in English as a second language is provided to students identified as limited-English-proficient (LEP) and non-English-proficient (NEP).
Thirty minutes daily, a standards based, Systematic English Instruction Program is provided to our students whose first language is not English, at the Beginner – Early Advanced Levels. Imagine Learning is provided to Beginner – Intermediate Levels on a daily basis. An on-going emphasis on oral language development is provided.
A Dual Immersion Spanish-English program will begin in 2014 – 2015 with kindergarten Each year thereafter two more classes at subsequent grade levels will be added.
2014 – 2015 two kindergarten classes
2015 – 2016 two first grade classes
2016 – 2017 two second grade classes
2017 – 2018 two third grade classes
2018 – 2019 two fourth grade classes
2019 – 2020 two fifth grade classes
The Dual Immersion Program is a parent choice with a required parent commitment to begin at kindergarten and complete all six years. Students are enrolled to receive 50% of each day in Spanish and 50% in English. Both English Language Arts and Spanish Language Arts are taught. There are two teachers, one instructs all in English and the other all in Spanish. Students are assess in both languages and are on target to be bi-lierate.