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Soul Shoppe

Bancroft School
Soul Shoppe Program
Welcome to Soul Shoppe Whole School
Elementary Peace Program

Students in grades K-5 participate in the Soul Shoppe Elementary Peace Program. This begins with professional development training for all staff including teachers, clerical, custodial, cafeteria, assistants and campus supervisors. An annual Soul Shoppe Parent Education Night is planned each year to support the use of skills and language within the school community. This will teach the adults the Soul Shoppe tools and teach behavior management and safety. Students attend grade level presentations throughout the year.
Selected students in grades 3-5 will have the opportunity for training in the “Bobcat Peacemakers” programming. This training builds student leadership and supports safety on the playground and elsewhere about the school.
Playground Peace Paths- The school playground has two painted Peace Paths for students to walk through the process of conflict resolution communication with student Peacemakers or staff.
Soul Shoppe programming is offered through the generosity of donations and fundraising made within the Bancroft Community. It is designed to support our Comprehensive School Safety Plan in creating a culture of respect, acceptance and safety.
Soul Shoppe will be provided in phases annually where a specific assemblies and workshop will be identified in all areas of character development. The building blocks for our vision “to education and mind and encourage the heart and spirit of all” is translated into the learned actions and words within our character development programming.I Message and the Clean Up