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Volunteer Instructions

To volunteer on campus, you must be go through the District for fingerprint clearance and TB testing clearance. In addition, you must show proof of Covid Vaccination at our site.

All visitors must request permission to enter the school office by arriving to the front entrance and either calling the school office or ringing the doorbell located at the side door. Access to the office will be provided upon approval. Once a visitor has permission to enter the school, they must sign in.  Visitors need to return to the office to sign out and return the visitor’s badge.

Please do not go directly to your student's class without signing in at the office.

Please visit District site to complete to the process at: MDUSD Volunteer Instructions 

Visiting Campus

In order to eliminate unnecessary classroom interruptions, we request that parents and other visitors leave messages, forgotten lunches, books, etc., in the office for their child. In this way, the teacher is given the article or message at his/her break time, rather than interrupting students precious learning time. We appreciate your cooperation.